So if Windows 10 is the last MS OS then will the MCSA Windows 10 cert expire?

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I read somewhere that MCSAs dont actually expire they just get discontinued but you still have the MCSA.. to the best of my knowledge this is not true (???) could someone clear my questions up for me please.


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    Go to the Microsoft's website and send them an email. Lots of information there as well..
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    Yes, to this point so far, MCSA's don't expire because they are associated with a particular technology. Having said that, it isn't uncommon for certifications to be offered for 5 or even 8 years or more (MCSA Server 2008 exams are retiring next year). Even when the exams are retired, and you can no long gain that certification, you will continue to hold it. Over time, it will become less relevant. There aren't a lot of jobs asking for Windows 2000 or NT certification, or even experience, but there are still people (really old people, but still people) holding certifications in these technologies.

    It was only relatively recently that a recertification requirement was introduced for MCSEs. These, though, aren't tied to a particular technology version.

    As for Windows 10, we will wait and see what happens.
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    Windows 11 comes out July 2017
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    tmtex wrote: »
    Windows 11 comes out July 2017

    Where did you read this? I read Win10 is the last release, maybe an OS name change? This is old news quote below, but I haven't seen anything new on the interwebs...maybe someone else has??

    Now comes word from Microsoft itself that Windows 10, slated to launch later this year, will represent the last time Microsoft launches a new Windows OS. ... In other words, there will not be a Windows 11. News of Microsoft's new strategy was first relayed by Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft development executive.May 11, 2015

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