Passed Sec+ quickly now what?

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Hi all,

I am happy to say I passed my Security + test yesterday with a score of 798. The thing is I crammed for it because I wanted to get in before the end of the year for raises lol. I have the SSCP and about 4 years security experience, and about 10 years real world experience in IT. I only gave myself 2 weeks to study because of this but i studied hard everyday. Usually like 4 hours a day. I used Darrel's book and study guide, which I read front to back and took every quiz question in the two books. I watched every video of professor messor as well and bought his study notes. Some questions were worded funny and I caught myself over analyzing things, but take your time and you can get through it. Good luck to all!

Also I know people will ask, why am I going backwards in a sense? SSCP then Sec+? This is because my employer is paying for everything, the books, the study guides, the tests etc. Which is leading to raises because they don't want to **** money into me then take it else where. When I was in college my one professor said if an employer will pay you to learn, take them for every penny you can get. So one, I wanted to obtain it since it was free and just used my time, but second I wanted a refresher since its been a couple years from SSCP. So my question is what is next? They already budgeted money for next year for another, I was thinking to continue to go for the CISSP? But the CIO only has maybe 10 years or less left, do I go for something more specific to the CSO role? I see they have like CSO for financial Institutions now.....not sure what to do? Any input is appreciated! Thanks! (don't care what company ISC, Comptia, etc)
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