Passed (w/ comments about testing out of country)

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Long time lurker.

Passed today with an 787, a first time go!

This was my first cert so I was pretty jazzed to pass.

Looking through other threads, I do not think I committed as much time as some others directly to get this cert, but I have been enrolled in Norwich's BS in Cyber Security program for the last year. I took Intro to IA and IA Management recently which covers both volumes of the Computer Security Handbook (over 9lbs of pure reading hell). That gave me a great foundation which to work off of. Also their Fundamentals of Comp Network and their Cyber Law/Cyber Crime classes had relevant information to Sec+ that made cramming for this cert easier.

Working off of that, I used Darril Gibson's book and bought the Sec+ bundle for the free voucher. I was not entirely impressed with CertMaster. I think for the standalone price there should at least be some sims and some of the explanations for questions that you get wrong is just a repeat of the right answer. Some do have good explanations though... I do like the way they repeat the questions you miss. The info does stick.

The test itself has some strangely phrased questions that just didn't seem to make sense even after rereading them a few times.
Also, 1 of the 2 sims was worded very poorly IMO to give you a clear understanding of what they wanted you to do.
Overall, pretty straightforward and it didn't feel like they were trying to be tricky.

About testing out of country...
I am currently working in the Philippines and live in the US, so first I emailed CompTIA's Exam Security Dept to get permission to test. Had an approval within an hr. No issues there.

I wanted to get the bundle, so I ordered from the CompTIA marketplace... I selected the Philippines as the country to test in but when I got to the Mailing/Billing address section, you can select an address from every country BUT the US (and Canada I think) on the Global Marketplace. So I emailed CompTIA about it and they said just put as much of your US information in as you can with the Philippines being the country and see if it works. Thankfully it did, but I think they can do better.

Also, I was unaware that they call you to verify your info before a voucher is issued. I do not know if that is the norm or if it is because I got flagged for having funky address information. Well, I put in my stateside cell number which is suspended until I get back so they didn't get ahold of me. They sent an email asking for a good number, and everything proceeded smoothly from there.
That is just an FYI for people who may find themselves in a similar situation


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    Congrats!!! What will be your next cert?
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    Congrats !
    Upcoming Certs: VCA-DCV 7.0, VCP-DCV 7.0, Oracle Database 1Z0-071, PMP, Server +, CCNP

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    Thanks. I am thinking CCENT, Net+, or CASP next. I really can't decide. Hahaha
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