Difference Between Pinging and Using Application.

dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
When we ping a destination device, we are using http port 80.
When we use an application on the destination device, we are using some other port. Let's call it X.

Is it possible that the firewall (block port X and allow port 80) OR (block port 80 and allow port X) ?

Port security is something new to me.


  • aftereffectoraftereffector Posts: 525Member
    Personally I try not to use port 80 when pinging destination devices, but I'm not a route/switch guy...
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
  • HondabuffHondabuff Posts: 667Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    ICMP does not use a port
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  • dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
    Thanks. Learnt something today.
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