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[FONT=&amp]Hello follower Security + test takers,

[FONT=&amp]This is Tech4Life. I have been reading the forums, blogs, YouTube posts and everyone agrees that the test can be a little hard. It can be very frustrating to fail. I have been taking certification tests for years and I have a pretty high passing rate. I have passed several tests such as A+, Network +, Security +, Linux +, and MCSA to name a few. I want to teach people how to take the test like I do. I want to be clear. There are no shortcuts to passing the test if you want to learn the material. **** will only hurt you and your career in the end. Trust me, you need to invest in yourself if you want other people to.

[FONT=&amp]I believe there are four pillars to success in passing certification test.[/FONT]
  1. Learning the psychology of testing
  2. Learning how to study
  3. Learning what you don’t know
  4. Learning the material
[FONT=&amp]Once you have all four pillars, you can pass any test.

I will be trying my best to give you guys the tools you need to pass the test like I do. Right now, I'm trying to come up the most effective way to do this.[/FONT]


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    Definitely interested in what you have to say, any test taking tips that you or other people have and are willing to share are much appreciated! :)
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    I know we would all appreciate your insight very much. Thank you for the helpful post!
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    Color me interested :)

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    Interested! I'm taking the second shot after Holidays! :)
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    I am doing the same as well. I wanted to do it after everything has settled down some you know. I know what I got wrong my first time and I have been studying like crazy.
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    New to site, looking forward to your input
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    Thank you guys for the input to the post. I'm trying to find the most efficient way to bring the material to you guys. I just want to reduce the failure rate. There's nothing worst than coming home after not passing the test. I know! I've been there. I had a friend that almost lost his job because of it. So, I've decided to do something about it. Hopefully, I can help a lot people.
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    Great, I will be looking forward what you have to offer :)
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    Teach me #2 and #3
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