CISSP: is All-In-One sixth edition adequate?

RMilitzerRMilitzer Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi all:

My boss is "strongly encouraging" me to pass the CISSP in 2017. I've spent nearly 2 years as an IT Auditor after spending 20 as a mainframe programmer, so I need remedial-level materials, covering these topics starting at an entry level.

I've come across a copy of the All-In-One book, sixth edition. I know that there are now 8 domains, as opposed to 10 at the time of this book's publication. Did they just basically combine some domains to account for the reduction? Will the information provided in this book be sufficient to pass the current version of the test, or am I better off investing in materials written with an 8-domain test in mind?

Thanks for any information or advice.


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