Linkedin In Learning. Has anyone tried using this feature?

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It appears that Linkedin is branching out into e-learning after buying They announced the site's launch in September and offered the month of October free to members. You can sign up for a free 1-week trial.

Through WGU I've accessed some of the content so I have some familiarity with the product.

Has anyone on here used this service? Did you find any value in the service?



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    I know this isn't the answer you're looking for but can't help chiming in. Personally, I want to distance myself from Linkedin as much as possible since Microsoft bought it, but I just can't bring myself to delete my account because it is a valuable thing. I don't want my Linkedin profile to have anything to do with Office365 or however MSFT is going to twist it. That all said and with so many learning resources out there already, Linkedin is the last place I'd go for training--Lynda enhanced or not.
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    I have access to LinkedIn Learning and it's quite lack-luster. The videos are ok. And the breath of topics are decent. But the depth is terrible. There does seem to be a few certification based videos but that's not what I was seeking. Personally, I would stick with Safaribooks Online for technical material. I am using the LinkedIn Learning videos for non-tech learning such as brushing up on accounting and finance.
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    Looks like an attempt to provide value for your $29.99/ month premium pricing plan. Frankly there nothing LinkedIn has to justify that kind of money every month. They would have to bundle it with TV shows and movies access like Netflix's, online cloud storage services to be worth paying that price every month.
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    Hi everyone,

    If Linkedin Learning is not that great, what would you prefer, as a reliable source, for technical knowledge foundation? Cybrary? Any online resource with videos would be cool to know. Thanks
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    Any past/present WGU student has lifetime access to it. I've checked it out a few times, not blown away but it's free for me so why not. 
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    Hi everyone,

    If Linkedin Learning is not that great, what would you prefer, as a reliable source, for technical knowledge foundation? Cybrary? Any online resource with videos would be cool to know. Thanks
    I've heard CBTNuggets talked up quite a bit on TechExams and Spiceworks, as well as SkillSoft. Infosec (Owner of TechExams) also provides an online skills development platform called Infosec Skills! We offer curated 10-15 minute videos from our certification boot camps, as well as general IT skills courses, and we're consistently adding new content to it. It is brand new, though, so it might not look as beautiful and user-friendly as some other platforms. If you're interested, we offer a 7-day free trial here »
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    We have free access to it at work. Some of the penetration testing courses I've taken were fair. A couple were way out of date. I've been watching the Mike Chapple CISSP videos. They are a good supplement to his cert guide.

    If you get LinkedIn Learning free through work or school, use it. Otherwise, don't pay for it. There are better free resources such as Cybrary.
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    Not surprised to see Paul78's comment. That was my experience with their "premium" offering, whatever they call it. When I saw the e-learning offering my immediate thought was "meh".
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    It's free access for our company as well. I'll consider CBTNuggets, Skillsoft and Infosec Skills as @Infosec_Sam has mentioned.

    It's great to have free resource such as Cybrary.

    More practice to go. Thanks
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    Before went to LinkedinLearning, they had an ITILv3 course. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! The guy was so boring and dry that I gave up on ITIL. Found a different instructor from a Udemy course (Jason Dion) that was much, much better. Udemy has some good courses and you can get good deals a lot of times. 

    Linkedin has some good courses, but you really have to search a bit to find the gems. Cybrary is great. Podcasts, YouTube, etc. are great for other free things, too, but it's hit and miss. 

    I wonder if I could get free trials to a lot of these and just start making reviews. Instructors, content, video quality (both production value and actual video), relevancy, value, etc.. 
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