CISSP passed on 12/12/2016

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Hello Everyone,

Passed CISSP yesterday, first attempt. Just want to say big Thank You to everyone for all the information and encouragement!
What a relief.
About process and study material:

I am IT professional with 18 years of experience in different domains. Took me 6 month exact to prepare for the exam.
Started with Knowledgenet course provided at work but that was just the beginning.
Cybex 7th edition - Great
Cybex Official Exams - Great
Conrad 3rd edition and 11th hour - very clean, concise
McGraw Hill 7th edition and 4th edition exams - very good detailed reference for topics I was not great about.

Thank you again.


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    congrats. Nice to pass on first attempt.
    Which centre in TO you used and how was it in terms of quietness, breaks etc?
    How was the test itself?
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    Hi Kabooter,

    I used Hamilton location. very nice office, friendly and extremely quite, i didn't have to use headphones (noise cancelling provided).

    Exam was tough, did all 250 in one shot, then brake and review.
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    Can you please intrduce the exam content? what part is mainly?

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    I can't talk much about content as you know. It is approximately correct percentage as known from ISC2. The only thing I can tell, and I am not original here, you need to know the concepts and understand how to apply them, nothing else would work.
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    Hello Everyone,

    As the dust settled after exam a bit, as someone said here - I am glad to have my evenings and weekends back. Just want to share more details about my study process.
    As I said, my study started with Knowledgenet online course. It was very good introduction into the concepts. Took two notebooks of handwritten notes to help remember main concepts. Took only chapter tests.
    Right after that based on recommendations from this site I purchased Cybex 7th edition and Conrad 3rg edition. Started with Cybex and finished both books cover to cover.
    At the same time I downloaded mp3 versions of Kelly Handerhan lectures and Donald Parker podcasts (CISSP Training | Free Podcasts | PodOmatic) and that was my music in the car for 6 month solid.
    Books filled the gaps in the knowledge and I was going back to them all the time.
    Took sample exams from Cybex 7th edition and purchased Cybex Official practice tests, found them very good. I did total of 12 250 sample exams and tons of 50 to 100 question exams.
    One month before the test I wrote three back to back 250 exams, took notes of missing knowledge - out of two notebooks down to 15 pages of main concepts. Wrote 50-100 questions daily and 250 on the weekends with average score in the high 80th low 90th until exam day.
    Took me 4 hours to finish all the questions on the exam in one shot, took 15 minutes break and did review of marked questions, Completed about hour early.

    Hope this will be useful for someone.
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    Well done ! Raransky congra....I am writing at the end of this month same place.... I sent you private message...

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