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Quick question; when setting up outlook to connect to an exchange server i realise that its almost always best to tick the 'Use cached exchange mode' for better performance, junk mail features etc but can anyone tell me when i should clear this? I heard someone mention in work the other day about clearing this is using a laptop? Is this correct and if so why?

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  • TrailerisfTrailerisf Member Posts: 455
    Cached mode means that it caches a copy of the emails to the local computer.

    We generally untick the box when setting up exchange accounts, but never really asked why.
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  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    Yes i have heard someonelse say they leave the box unticked which i really cant understand. I take it when you set up the profile and dont select the use cached exchange mode it automatically gets set up in offline mode rather than online mode??
    Anyone else have any other scenarios where not selecting use cached excahnge mode would be beneficial?

  • allylaurenteallylaurente Member Posts: 131
    Cached Exchange Mode creates copy of your mailbox stored on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data and is frequently updated with the mail server.

    If you work offline, whether by choice or due to a connection problem, your data is still available to you instantly wherever you are. If a connection from your computer to the computer running Exchange server isn't available, Outlook switches to Trying to connect or Disconnected. If the connection is restored, Microsoft Outlook automatically switches back to Connected. Any changes you make while a connection to the server isn't available are synchronized automatically when a connection is available. You can continue to work while changes are synchronized.

    We usually unticked Exchanged Cache Mode but i would say that its better to tick Exchange Cache Mode when you used laptop and frequently travel to open your mailbox even if you don't have connection.

    Tick Exchange Cache Mode = Connected or Disconnected if no connection to server
    Untick Exchange Cache Mode = Online and you can't open outlook if you don't have connection to server :D
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  • sprkymrksprkymrk Member Posts: 4,884 ■■■□□□□□□□
    We generally uncheck this option (except on laptops) because we have a pretty solid LAN with good connectivity. By unchecking the box, users don't get all excited and confused with the "Sync Issues" folders and the little pop-up notifications about "Exchange is now connected" and "Attempting to connect" crap.
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  • garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    I uncheck it as well for 90% of my network. One part has a solid VPN connection that I leave it checked for.
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