Failed 74-409 today, 653 Score

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Hi Guys,

So I've failed this exam today. I was not prepared. I studied for a week or so totally skipping the Monitoring Chapter and that was the one who kicked my ass.
Damn SC Operations Manager:))I have only answered 1 question correctly.

I had the Booster Pack and I wanted to see how the exam was like.
Different from 410 and 411. Lots of questions with Drag and Drop 3 boxes from right to left. Very easy to make mistakes...
The exam itself is not very difficult. If you go through the Veeam Study Guide and lab everything, you should be good to go.
If you go through the Veeam Guide and lab only the fast and easy stuff, like I did, you will fail with 653:)

Anyway,I was pretty darn close. Not bad for a week worth of work.

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    I'm scheduled to take this one January 4th. Also using the Veeam study guide as well as the MVA training course. Lots of labbing too, of course. icon_wink.gif
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    You still got a very good score for only studying for a week. You'll get it next time for sure. Yeah, I found the same thing with the 409 when I took it - a lot of drag and drop, build lists, etc. Probably the most interactive exam I've ever taken. I studied for about 5 weeks and passed so your score with only a week of study is very impressive. Did you watch the MVA videos? I found those to be the most beneficial along with the Study Guide. Good luck!
    All the best,

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    Thank you, AndersonSmith,

    I barely got half way through the MVA Videos, but I plan to start from scratch both with the Videos and with the Veeam Study Guide.
    I can get my hands on the Mastering Hyper-V book by Sybex from a coworker. Not a big fan of Sybex but it can't hurt to go through it.
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    Okay, So I passed today with 765. When I scheduled the retake, back in December, I figured I have plenty of time to study.
    So I did absolutely nothing until last night when I powered through SCOM and DPM.

    Now I have until Feb 28th to finish the VCP6 - DCV - vSphere - Install,configure and Manage course.

    After that, I'm gunning for MCSE:)
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    Congrats on the 70-409 exam. What was your study experience like on your journey to the Mcsa Server 2012?
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    Congratulations, I knew you'd get it this time around! Great job!
    All the best,

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    Thank you all.

    My experience so far with MCSA 2012...Well, I guess it was a good one.

    Frustrating at times, ( 70-411 ), but I really enjoyed studying for it. NPS is really difficult.

    I'm really happy now that I finally obtained it and I wish you all good luck and always 700+ scores.

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