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I'll make comparisons between EC-Council and Elearnsecurity towards the end of the post but for now, i'll focus on my experience. I enrolled in the Full version of the eJPT course 2 weeks ago and was quite surprised to discover how much better the material is delivered to the student when compared to the C|EH. There are 12 modules that you should go over but I skipped the first 4 because they dealt with stuff I already studied when I took the CISSP a few months back.There are also 2 modules that deal with C++/Python, which I also skipped as my college major was software engineering. So I went over the 6 remaining modules that starts with information gathering and ends with network attacks.

I then went straight into the labs and after I used up 28 hrs worth of lab time, I felt I was ready to tackle the exam. Took about 5 hrs to complete and 1 hr double checking everything before clicking the submit button and score a 95% (19/20). Good thing I double checked the questions because some of the questions allow you choose more than one answer and I would've gotten those wrong had I not double checked. All in all it was a good experience and had a great time learning a little bit Linux and Kali. I want to jump straight into CPPT but would also like to learn more about Linux so debating whether I should do the Linux+ exam first.

IMO, there is a big difference between the eJPT and the C|EH. For starters, I took the EC-Council labs 2 years ago so I don't know if it's improved since then but the labs in that environment held the students hand, telling them what steps to perform next and would not allow you to mess up. The prompts were on screen and would not allow the student to proceed until those steps were performed. With the eJPT labs, you are given a .pdf that has instructions on a given situation and what tools would be useful for that exercise. If you get stuck, you could either reference the pdf as it has step by step instructions or research methods online instead of getting force fed the solution. I like this approach to exam testing as you know it's performance based and you have to answer the multiple choice questions based on what your actions are on a host.
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    Congrats on passing!
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    Well done. I Started the course yesterday. Very pleased with it so far. I feel like a few more tools could be mentioned in some of the sections, but i guess you could always find others from google. How long did you spend on the report in the exam?
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    I didn't have to write a report. That report might be for the eCPPT. You're just told that you're doing a black box pen test and they don't give you a range of IPs as you'll have to discover that on your own. But you'll have to answer 20 questions that proved you've penetrated a certain area of the network and most of the tools you'll learn in the labs will be needed for the exam. I agree that more tools could be taught but this course is meant for beginners and you'll definitely see more in the eCPPT.
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