Hey guys/gals back after a long hiatus

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Hello mates, I am returning to the IT world after a long absence due to a terrible drug addiction. I am not one to preach but stay away from opiates at all cost. Believe me when I tell you the derailing of your life due to it is almost impossible to recover from.

Now on to my question. I have already acquired two certifications from back in the early mid 2000s and have the work experience to back them up. Only electives though. A+ and Network+. I am going to start studying on my AD cert very soon and take up where I left off before my tragic mistake in judgement some years ago and was wondering what certs now days compliment the A.D cert?

Security+? Windows server? Cloud? Exchange?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and It feels good to have even a small rekindled spark in the fire that once drove me to excel
In IT and to be back amongst all of you studying and working hard to build a good

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