How does SANS decide where to host training locations?

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I attended SANS training in Philadelphia this year in Feb., SANS offered around 8 courses, I expected the same thing for next year, but no dice, they just have two community events in Philadelphia next year. I was trying to put together a list of venues I would in interesting in facilitating. I was more than a little surprised they are not offering the same event this year, wonder how they determine where to host training events and why they don't repeat them? Attendance? Testing different markets to see what the response is?
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    my guess is attendance and perhaps venue or instructor limitations. how filled were your classes, and i wonder how fast they filled up?
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    I think there were only 20-25 students in 5 of the classes, 11 in the GMON class and 40 in the GSEC class. After paying the instructors and renting the space they probably didn't make enough money to consider it a successful location.
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    I know that Singapore is a very popular choice for SANS. They hosted it here in Nov 2016 which I went and it was packed to the brim. They are hosting another one soon in March 2017.

    My guess is demand is the number 1 choice when they decide which location to host it at. The GCIH class was so popular that they had to open another 2 more classes instead of the original 1 class. I roughly counted around 150 pax for the whole event or even more.

    I saw some facilitators too. Is it worth it becoming one ?
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