Can I skip the 70-410 and go straight to 70-411?

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Hi guys,

I have been working with Windows Server for more or less a year, and my company has decided that I should get more knowledge by pursuing a Windows Server certification. Thing is, they looked at the objectives and the required content list and decided that I should go straight for the 70-411, since I administer, not install Windows Servers on a daily basis.

Does this make sense? Is it even possible to do that? Is it wise for me?


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    You can do the exams in whatever order you like. If you want the MCSA Server 2012, then 410 is needed (unless you take one of the upgrade paths, but then you sit a mini 410 as part of the upgrade combo exam 417). 412 is the only one of the three which can be substituted for something else.

    The 411 by itself will get you the MCP designation (if you don't have it already), but nothing else.

    But don't be mislead, 410 isn't just installation, it also covers configuring services. This might be relevant for you since reconfiguring services, enabling/disabling services, setting up new services is relatively common. It also covers the basics of storage, for example what's needed when adding disk to an existing server, or repartitioning. And the basics of Active Directory and Group Policy.

    However, if you feel more confident with the 411, then doing that first can be a good thing as it can build confidence and make the challenge of MCSA less daunting.
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    The 410 and 411 objectives really overlap quite a bit. A lot of people study for the 2 exams simultaneously because of that reason. As OctalDump stated, you can take the exams in whatever order you choose or only take one of them if you prefer, but to get the MCSA you'll need the 410 and 411 plus either the 412 or one of the electives you can replace the 412 with. Good luck
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    Thanks for the replies, everyone.

    I have a lot of gaps especially in my AD and GP knowledge, so thankfully my boss saw my reasoning and decided for the 70-410.
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    I did 411 first, no biggie
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    Hi Priya,

    I'm going through the Exam Ref to familiarize myself with the topics. Also going through the InfiniteSkills video course I bought on Udemy and checking the Mastering Windows 2012 by Mike Minasi if I have some doubt about a topic. Always doing labs using some VMs in VMWare Workstation. Learning PowerShell also, by reading and doing the labs in the PowerShell in a Month of Lunches book. Planning to round out my prep by going through articles on TechNet and doing some Transcender or Measureup practice exams.
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