Passed N10-006 - Thoughts and tips

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Hi everyone,

I passed the N10-006 with a 793 on Friday. It was harder than I expected but with the right material, it's doable inside a couple of months of study.

- I bought Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ passport. This is a condensed version of the all in one, but contains everything you need to pass the exam. It also came with 200 sample questions which were great. A little quirky but great.

- I then purchased the complete Total Sem pack of 1000 questions plus simulations.(After seeing the 200 that came with the book) The question pack I'd recommend, but the simulations are worthless if you want anything that's going to replicate what you'll see on the exam. However, it did come with some nice video guides for certain things/applications that you might use. E.g. it explained command line concepts and things like that. It cost me $125 in total, but I'd skip the sims and just get the question pack.

-I downloaded Darril Gibson's app on iOS which had flash cards and mock tests. I can't recommend this app enough. Certain questions that came up on my exam were VERY similar to some of the questions from this app.

-I watched Mike Meyers' course on This was provided through work, but if you can get it for a reasonable price, I'd recommend it as it follows his all in one book, but just gives you what you need to know and explains concepts quite clearly.

My studying plan:

-Read the passport book cover to cover.
-Watch the videos and take notes on highlighted material.
-Make notes on the objectives and go over what doesn’t look familiar to you until you know what it is.
- Learn Subnetting! Go to youtube, watch tens of videos until you find a method that suits you. If anyone needs an easy way, please post a question and I’ll go through the answer with you. Once I was okay with Subnetting, I’d spend 20 mins a day on doing questions repeatedly until I was getting every answer right.
- Learn well known ports. Make a list of protocols and test yourself each day until you’re familiar with them. E.g.

HTTP: Port = …
HTTPS: Port = ….
NTP: Port =…..

-Learn the TIA 568A/568B standards. An easy Way I remembered was BBW,GBW,BGW,OOW and reverse it. All day long going “BBW, GBW…” in your head you’ll remember it in no time.

Then for T568A, just know that pin 1 goes to 3 and 2 goes to 6.

I’m sure I’m forgetting other bits, but just post any queries and I’ll try my best to answer.

The exam… It was tough and there were some in depth questions that took a bit of thinking.
My advice, (like many others) is to skip the simulations if they’re at the start. It’s very hard to prepare for them and you don’t want to panic if it’s not something you recognize straight away.
Come back to them once you’re done with the multiple choice and you’ll be a lot more confident.

Again, any questions, please ask!

Cheers for all the help. This forum is great for picking up invaluable knowledge!
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