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Well in 2016 I was able to finish my CCNA:S; my CCNP:R-S, CISSP, and ITIL v3 Intermediate Service strategy, design, and transition. Took a small break towards the end of the year because of taking classes to finish by BS in Computer Networks and Security; but enrolled in OSWP to get back in the swing of things. Scheduled my exam for early January 17', and taking a 5 day bootcamp (using as a refresher) to compliment my on-going self study for C|EH Jan 9-13'th; and once these 2 are out of the way I will be tackling the OSCP.

Had my eye on the OSCP for a while; and I want to do it for more personal interest than it coming in handy in the workplace.

I got the following books to assist with the OSCP; but would love to hear from others who have taken it before me on any other study materials that may come in handy.

* Red Team Field Manual
* The Hacker Playbook 2
* Black Hat Python

My background with linux is limited, as well as my programming. When I was in high school they were teaching COBOL to us which left a bad taste in my mouth which is why I followed through with Networking instead icon_rolleyes.gif

I have been in technical roles with networking for approx 10 years; the later portion of that (4 years) dealing with security appliances, and a more security centric view of networking.

Heres to hoping :)


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    I am currently enrolled in the PWK course and my start date is Decemeber 25th. While I havent started my course or taken the test yet I can offeryou some valuable advice. The best thing that you can possibly do is download the latest image of kali, find some VMs on vulnhub.com and start trying to hack them. If you hti a brickwall there are countless walkthroughs for every VM on vulnhub. If you use the walkthroughs it is important to carefully analyze every step and make sure that you fully understand what is happening. Some of the walkthroughs are very vague and usually leave a couple of steps out here and there, which is good because it forces you to learn that which you do not yet know. Also I took 2 courses on Udemy.com that were well worth the money. I got the "Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch" course on sale for $15 and after fisnishing that course I purchased another course by the same instructor over web server/application pen testing for $10. Both of these courses are normally $180 and they are currently on sale at this moment. I hope this info helps you and good luck on your studies!
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    I was actually reading some OSCP review threads and was going through the list of VulnHub machines recommended by the user. SickOS1.1 and 1.2; kioptrix, and a few others. I have yet to run into a machine where I was able to get from start to finish completely on my own; but I have been on the right track a lot of the time. and I know what you mean about the vague walkthroughs, I prefer those so I can force myself to learn the behind the scenes, and do further research on my own.

    It has been an exciting adventure so far. Going to keep reading up on my weak areas, and expanding what I know until I can focus solely on OSCP mid January. Then I will drop the coin for the 90 days.
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    The OSWP is significantly easier than the OSCP. Everything you need to pass is in the material they give you. Its pretty easy. Good luck!
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    Thanks, yeah the OSWP I am ready to take. I have labbed it to death. Just waiting for the test date. My studies have all moved over to OSCP and C|EH.
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    Sounds like a good plan! Get er dun in 2017! I probably won't start my OSCP journey until April-May.
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