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Does anyone here have a collaboration home lab? Where did you purchase it?


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    At the CCIE level most people build there own lab as they are experienced with the technologies. To answer your question you can buy a powerfull Dell Server first to host your Apps, 64Gig at the min to run 3 clusters and all the apps. Then you can buy 29xx routers as you have the money to add them. You will also need a few phone and POE switches. I would buy the basics you need to test out all the application features, then you use rack rentals for the rest.
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    I would get the hardest part is getting CUCM. I really have no idea what that would involve, but I know it must be possible because the UNS manager did it.
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    At the CCNP level the 60 day demo licenses included with CUCM/CUC should suffice.

    Prior to 9.x the license structure was much better suited for learning/playing around with the technology. I still can't understand why they didn't just limit the number of devices and stick with a non-expiring demo.
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