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I recently interviewed for a Systems Analyst Role. The position does exactly the same stuff I'm currently doing, but at a higher pay with a different company. I really connected with all three of the gentlemen that interviewed me. One of the interviewers also worked with one of my previous managers whom I have an excellent rapport with. Anyways they seemed to really like me, but I'm thinking they have someone in mind already because one interviewer said, "We have another position coming up in 6 months, you should apply for it," then the other said, "Excellent answers, thanks for coming in," .. I thought I did well and I knew all of the answer to the questions immediately, as most of them were technical and pretty easy, I didn't miss one question.

I'm asking for feedback, does it sound like they already have someone else in mind based on their comments?


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    Simple answer - yes.
    Complicated answer - yes.
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    ouch. sorry to hear. they seemed pretty blunt.
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    Yea most likely Your not getting the job
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    Yes, they were very blunt. I was shocked in all honesty because I thought I had a real shot, which I believe I would've, if they hadn't had someone else in mind already. I felt comfortable, relazed and I really clicked with them. The interview lasted a good 40 minutes because my answers were in-depth because I wanted them to know that I knew my stuff so I went into detail. I feel like I wasted my time.
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    Could be possible. Some jobs are required to be posted to outside for certain amount of time before its closed out. I was just recently promoted to a level two position and something similar happen. They didn't even interview anyone else.
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    Maybe, maybe not. That person might fall through and you're second choice. Stay positive and friendly with them.
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    I've had interviews like that. Keep it professional afterwards. Have you sent them a "thank you" e-mail yet? I often wait a few days after the interview to do so - that will remind them that you're still interested. Doesn't hurt to send them a quick note.
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    I have had interviews where they say things like that, or "well, we have more interviews... you should hear something in about a week or two," and then I get a call later the same day. Then, I have had things go really well and basically get the unofficial nod, and then they get dragged out forever, or I never hear anything.

    Stuff is weird sometimes.
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