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My name is Tessie, and I'm new to this forum. I have questions and I'm open to read any advices you guys can give me, I will really appreciate it. From what I read you all have experience, and I'm so glad I found this forum. I used to be a happy IT analyst from may 2012 to April 2016, unfortunately the Canadian Bank I used to work for here in New Jersey moved my department to Canada so I was laid off icon_cry.gif (it was very depressing having to train the new hired that were replacing me in Canada but it had to be done because my co-workers and I decided not to relocate to Canada)... And since I'm unemployed I'm currently a full-time student willing to become part-time student if I find a Job, but since I have no certificates, and I'm still in college, I feel like even though I have the experience I might be out of date when it comes to my IT skills icon_redface.gif.

I became an IT analyst because the programmers and the IT analyst saw my interest to learn (I used to skipped lunch to take notes and learn as much as I could from them) and pretty much one of their supervisors saw my interest advised me to apply when a position was available. I'm currently studying Computer Science and Network Administration at a community college, and I will be taking the CompTia fundamentals certification test at the end of January. So far in college
I have learned Python, the essentials/intro of network administration, hardware and software maintenance, I have joined a Linux club (next semester I will learn C++, Oracle, more network classes, and more Linux).

In my previous job we were a little behind when it came to the programs we used, we still used some DOS programs and our version of windows was old. At the end of the day I'm not picky I need a job, thats my goal right now but when you worked for a company so long (before I was an IT, I was a customer service rep at the call center of the same bank for years) you become rusty at looking for jobs, and I have applied to some companies for positions like "security analyst" and " system administrator" but I want to whats my reality based on your experience.

I will post below my previous job responsibilities at the help desk I used to work at and my questions are the following: If I was to apply to your company what position would you offer me? Do you think my IT knowledge is not that strong? if so, what certificates do you think would help me? Thank you :)

Business Unit Application Support Analyst/ IT Analyst
May 2012 to April 2016
• Responsible to run the daily, weekly, and monthly programs.
• Used systems such as Fiserv, Nautilus, Citrix Network, and other web based applications for creating new users, accessing detail reports, and trouble shooting.
• Uploaded, downloaded, sent, and received files from various sources such as RPS, ACH, Momentum Servers, First Tennessee, and more.
• Analyze, and identify problems and deficiencies with the merchant website.
• Followed proper security protocol for encrypting, and decrypting sensitive materials such as customer or corporate account numbers, virtual payments, routing numbers, and sales data.
• Monitor and collect data on system performance.
• Liaison with business users, management, and technical teams as part of coordinating the development of solutions that satisfy business requirements.
• Provided conflict resolution for issues inquired by e-mail, phone, or instant message.
• Facilitate communication, and direct interaction among the various departments to reach proper solution.
• Report requirements, implements, build, and designs based on merchant’s feedback.
• Responsible to train new employees.
• Perform related duties as assigned.

Bilingual Customer Service Representative
September 2008 to May 2012
• Proficient in the Fiserv – Vision Plus system interface for account origination and maintenance.
• Responsible for assisting cardholders with their customer service inquiries.
• Learned functionalities that apply to promotional plans, finance charges and reward programs.
• Proficient experience with the OAM and Biller Express website.
• Responsible to report information on any type of payment rejections.
• Help assisting customers with problems to log into our websites.
• Answer customer’s online emails, and website inquiries.
• Responsible for creating and updating reports.

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