Trying to find the perfect fit.

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I have a question - I have over a decade in IT touching Windows, Cisco, Linux yada yada.. mostly in the SA/Net Admin role; I came up the ranks in Helpdesk and Desktop like a lot of folks did and I really enjoyed the "Desktop Engineering" side if you will. This included things like writing logon scripts, GPO, Software Packaging, Scripting installations, Automating other tasks and reporting on things like AD/Exchange etc.. basically using some method whether it be scripting, using a third party tool, anything that would allow you to manage the enterprise. However.... I'm looking for a career possibly in doing those things, and not so much setting up new servers, break/fix (hardware, helpdesk escalations yada) you know support.. is there any role within IT that would allow me to touch on all of these items without having to necessarily be a server support/admin traditionally type person?

Any thoughts would be great.

oh and I do currently work as an SA for a NFP
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