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Hello All,

I am looking to purchase probably the odom and lammel books and would love a digital copy, I see on amazon that you can get it for the kindle reader which is fine but, I don't think i would be able to read it on my laptop looks like it's only based around the app. Would love this so it can read during my commute, don't want to lug around a 900+ page book.

does anyone know if there are versions that I can use both on a laptop and ipad? like a PDF.

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    You can download the kindle app onto your ipad/phone/laptop
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    wow can't believe i didn't see that......says i can read anywhere and only listed the apps, i found the .exe though. Thank you for stating the obvious :)
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    I normally get the Odom ebooks from the ciscopress site and they make them available as PDF, epub and mobi
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    I just use the Kindle Cloud reader. No app install necessary.
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    JoJoCal19 is correct, if you go to and log into your Kindle account you will be able to read the books on any device via the browser. I use it all the time when I am at work.
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    Get them from Cisco press and get them as said before in all 3 formats. I'm also pretty sure that Cisco press ebooks are updated (errata/mistakes) when you re-download them from the website.
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