Resume question- How to list two different IT agencies under one company?

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Over the last two years I worked for this large company as a "contractor". During my tenure there I switched under two different IT placing agencies doing the same thing, same title and same project. I'm not sure how I would list this in my resume.

for example:
2013-2014 Apple IT agency contracted by Alphabet company
2014-2015 Orange IT agency contracted by Alphabet company

Do I list each IT agencies and split my experience or kinda say "Orange IT" same as Apple IT?


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    I've have the same issue during an 8 year stint working overseas where the contract is up for rebid and is lost by the one that initially hired you, and the new company keeps you on. Also where a company merged with another and the name changed.

    I've always just listed it as one job, with the most recent company that was worked for as the employer. It prevents duplication on the resume and keeps what literally is one job to one area. If there's an issue, it will come up and you can explain.
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