Internal position question?

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If one is told the following about an internal position what should they assume?

-"They have already made a decision and everyone should hear something shortly."

Does that mean that someone has already been contacted by HR and they are going through the details, before making the acceptance/offer announcement?

After being told the above I've lost hope on the promotion.


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    It could mean anything really, but, I read it as "We've decided who we're going to pick, we'll inform that person and everyone else, shortly".
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    Who knows what they mean? Just keep your options open until you hear otherwise.
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    Good to hear it may not be the end. Jobs I'm qualified are scarce this time of year it seems. Will update the thread whenever I have a definitive answer.
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    Well it turns out I was offered the position! I will be a Network Admin. What's a competitive starting salary for ( < 2 years experience, A.S. degree, and the certifications in my profile)? Location Southeast USA
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    South east is pretty broad. Large or small city? What industry?
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    If they did not give you a salary range up front for the position, I am assuming they are going to pay you a little more than your current earnings to sweeten the new position, or at least this has been my experience.

    Congrats on being offered the job!
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    Agreed with Ande, my guess is 15% more than you are making now.
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    Healthcare and a capital city. I already have signed the papers I was just wondering if it was competitive. I was looking for random numbers people throw out.

    Thanks everyone! I'm very happy. A lot of studying and working hard while at work. Also networking with the other teams was important.
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    Cool, congratulations. That is the best way to move up, network with other groups and make those relationships work for you.
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    South east is pretty broad. Large or small city? What industry?

    He works in a city...... with people.... and lots of buildings..... and occasional hurricanes.... and the location of this city.... is on a Map.... and the map... is written in English!

    Can someone please share what a competitive salary would be?
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    National average for CCNA was 55k last I checked. It's a full-on Admin position, not a junior. So I'd shoot for at least 50-55k. With experience under your belt and a couple more certs within a year, I'd try to get bump to 55-65.
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