Dell Precision T3600

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Howdy People

I have been looking at a Precision T3600 and have encountered issues installing Windows 7.

The Machine has a sas controller

I hooked up two 500 gig drives, setup a raid-1 mirror and initiated the drives using Perc.
I then start the Windows 7 install and load the sas controller driver.
Windows 7 installs and finishes and reboots as per norm.

The machine then goes to boot up and the Window logo is shown briefly and the machine reboots.

I have entered the BIOS and adjusted settings to get around this I have changed legacy - UEFI
I also have adjusted the SATA operation disabled, ATA, AHCI

I still cannot get this thing to boot I have posted up on Dell forums and they have been pretty useless.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many Thanks
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  • LexluetharLexluethar Member Posts: 516
    Sounds like a driver issue imo - can you boot to safe mode? Default is for windows to reboot upon error (blue screen) so if you can get into the OS in safemode, disable the reboot option then you can get the specific stop error detailing the driver(s) it's hanging up on. Alternatively you can load the **** files up and see what they say if you can get into safemode.
  • techster79techster79 Member Posts: 169 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Hit F8 and select "disable automatic restart on system failure ", that will give you the exact error. Google from there, like Lex said most likely driver incompatibility, could even be video related since it was able to install the OS(storage driver working).
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