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Just came across this:

Say Goodbye to Free LinkedIn

Not a huge fan of what Microsoft is trying to do after reviewing their presentation on why they acquired the site in the first place. I'm very much considering removing myself from LinkedIn. Most of the leads that I get are from recruiters who all have the same template:

"Hi Verities,

Based on your Linux experience I think you be a great fit for some current opportunities. If you're in the market, please let me know ASAP and we can discuss your future."

Almost all of the positions end up being for some sort of Linux based job but also supports like VOIP or some other technology I've never used.


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    I got on it about 2 yrs ago because YOU MUST DO IT. Well IMO the jobs were no different then indeed 90% of my friends/contacts whatever they are called are recruiters. Last few + months I stop accepting them. Seems that since MS bought them "Jobs" do not match me. I think that in my resume I have Service desk "Manager" I get all these restaurant "manager" jobs or that since I work for a construction company I get all these construction jobs.

    Similar to Verities , no where in my information do I list programming/Development and I get these recruiters saying I would be great at this programming position, that's also the same with posting it to indeed. You get the indian recruiters calling you for jobs that you would have no business in.

    In short I would not be hurt cancelling it because it would be required to pay.
  • thomas_thomas_ CompTIA N+/S+/L+ CCNA R&S CCNP R&S/Enterprise/Collab Member Posts: 969 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Definitely not paying for it.
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    A little misleading, there will still be a free account just like people use today. There are already paid "premium" versions of LinkedIn accounts for job seekers and recruiters.
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    The only thing affecting me in the slightest is this one:You can no longer customize external website URLs
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    thomas_ wrote: »
    Definitely not paying for it.

    I use it mostly for maintaining connections with past colleagues, etc. I used it when I was looking for a job, but I didn't find it as useful as other websites. I was recruited off of LinkedIn a few times, and I wouldn't expect that to change - many of the changes seem to be directed towards the "professional" recruiter crowd, who will gladly fork over a few bucks/month to maintain access to this tool.
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    Or they will implement it. It will have a huge negative impact.
    They will change it 3 months later.
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    I actually was hit up by 2 recruiters recently who put me in contact with two really good positions. I interviewed for both, didn't get any but made two solid relationships with the hiring manager. I'm linkedin with both of them, if another positions opens up, I have a good chance at both of them.

    I also agree that there are a bunch of bunk positions like the VOIP crap. But I get those mainly from Indeed hitting my resume on there which hasnt been updated in 3 years.....
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    I used it to keep in touch with past colleagues and often as a news reader for articles from say HBR (Havard Business Review). I do remove bulk of amount of information available in my public profile; the only information available is just my name and headline. So recruiters either must be already connected to me directly or indirectly via mutual connections or they have to connect with me in order to view any information. That probably keep me off those pesky recruiters who will not bother to pay for LinkedIn. If a recruiter request to connect, I would check his background. Sometimes, you get multiple LinkediIn profile hits when you drag and drop the requester's image into Google image search.

    The majority of my recent connections are recruiters and so far they have been very professional. The jobs they offer are usually fairly good, much better than those I get from Indeed or Monster.
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    I use linked in to keep in touch with past and present co workers. I have applied to jobs on linked in as well, and I got one interview.
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