What is your IT roadmap for the next 3-5 years- at work

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I'm currently doing research on what people beleive will be needed in their IT/Infosec areas at work to improve some areas or add more layers to existing ones. I'd love to hear what other people have in their roadmap at work. For example, decommission of 2008 servers etcetera.


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    i dont know about my actual company, but personally I'm finally gonna buckle down and teach myself Excel and Powershell properly. I could make so many facets of my work easier by being able to manipulate data faster
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    -IPS if I can get it but alteast a Snort box somewhere.
    -Risk management stuff

    The first two will be done in a few months. I'll start the last one before the this up coming fiscal year.

    Soo happy that I'll get to do more infosec stuff.
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    I have around 20 servers that are still 2008 R2, and one that is 2003 (old access control system that is going away). I've already made a checklist and started working on migrating those.

    Just put in a new firewall not too long ago (ASA with FirePOWER), and I've been working on tweaking the IPS rules to get them where I want them. I'm feeding all FirePOWER logs into a Graylog server, and I designed some GROK filters to make more meaningful dashboards out of the data. My next step will be to implement some sort of Netflow monitoring for even deeper insight into my network.

    vSphere Replication is another on my to-do list, as well as getting our Horizon VDI environment updated. Lots to do when you're a lone wolf icon_sad.gif

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    Automate and outsource. Virtualise and put it in a cloud. Make it redundant and self healing. Anything that means I do less work in the long run :)
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    I'm feeding all FirePOWER logs into a Graylog server, and I designed some GROK filters to make more meaningful dashboards out of the data. My next step will be to implement some sort of Netflow monitoring for even deeper insight into my network.

    Nice on the Graylog stuff. I have been working feverishly on our setup. Currently integrating Security Onion stuff into Graylog (BRO and Suricata Dashboards Send Security Onion logs to a centralized Graylog Server - Tech notes). I will be pushing hard on automation using SaltStack this year. Making the roll-out of out of band changes much faster and more consistent. End user training will continue along with more DR drills related to cybersecurity incidents like ransomeware attacks, ddos, etc.
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    Move to the cloud with synergy with our virtual infrastructure and cybersecurity backend from our DevOPs team.


    The next few years at our company are really focused on security. It's the biggest push and highest priority right now. As they say - people are the weakest link.... At least I get more experience to list on my CISSP application. I'm pretty much there for experience along with the certs and education. After that, I'm hitting the OSCP. I'm a big Windows guy, but I know the basics of Linux. I want to get deep into Windows security... Hopefully the next couple years at work can help with that.
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    Waiting on the budget. Oh wait there probably won't be one.
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    Win7 -> to 10 - VDI and Wkstation

    2008 -> 2012R2
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    Next: CCNP (R&S and Sec)

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    Help Desk Level 1 for about a year.
    Help Desk Level 2 for about a year.
    Help Desk Level 3 for about a year.
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    put in about 3.5 more years on this contract position, then get the hell outta IT...#burnedout20yrsin

    cheers! HI5!
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    Look for more money and less work.
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    Short term goals:

    Migrate RHEL 6 system to RHEL 7 (hopefully using Terraform)
    Setup shared storage for KVM hosts
    Configure monitoring to automatically attempt to start any failed services at least once before alerting me
    Create intelligent Ansible playbooks that can gather facts into variables and determine if certain settings have been applied to servers.

    Long term (aka wishful thinking):

    Migrate Solaris 10 and 11 servers to RHEL 7
    Implement PacketFence
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