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Hello guys.
First of all sorry for any grammar mistakes (im not english).
So...I finished school this year and Im thinking about taking a course that gives me 6 certifications (yes, 6...). I learned most things from Cybrary (Network+ and Penetration Testing...), I also know Python and C.
But...Am I ready for such challengue? The course is really Im kinda scary...

MTA Security Fundamentals
CompTIA Security+
EC-Council CEH
Mor Certification

Link of the course (translate if you want to understand something):

English translation:


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    what exactly do you want to do as a career then? it seems like cyber security, but i want to be sure..
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I looked up that program actually. Looks pretty decent.

    That being said you can self-study a lot of those materials/exams such as Sec+ using professor messer/darrill gibson materials, CEH using other materials or even elearnsecurity materials as an alternative for some hands on labbing, the other certs look like kind of a mixed bag to me.

    I'd probably choose my own cert/education path rather than being forced into one that you might not have chosen if not packaged all up for you. I don't see any savings/deal with going with this course.

    Advice: Continue with cybrary and your self-studying and take the certs that you want to take to validate your skills/knowledge.
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