Moving to the US. Any advice?

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Moving to the US. Any advice?

My case is a somewhat different I received my green card in 2015 but I'll be immigrating to the US in March 2017. I did a substantial amount of research on the states I was considering (Denver, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington DC) referring to tech talent reports (CBRE, JLL), Nerdwallet etc and Austin and Dallas (pretty much Texas) consistently came in in the top 10 in those reports in terms of IT/Tech jobs. I visited the US for a "look and see" in May focusing on 3 cities Raleigh NC, Charlotte and Austin, TX.

Texas has most of my "pros" in terms of weather and COL and I really enjoyed my time in Austin but I’m willing to cast my net across the US. Those cities look great on paper according to the tech reports but I don't have an idea how the IT job situation is on the ground. Can anyone from those cities/states provide any feedback on the tech job market in those areas?

Just an overview of my IT background; 10 years IT experience (Virtualization, Networking, Windows server administration etc) in Trinidad and in the Caribbean region, Masters from the UK in Network Security in addition to my certs. I noticed Austin has more developer/programmer openings than other tech roles in comparison to Dallas where it's the opposite. Do you think I would have a decent chance in Austin to get a role in Systems/Network/Server administration. Also are there any other caveats I should be aware of in my job search as a new immigrant to the US? I’m working on my personal networking profile and polishing up my neglected LinkedIn profile to reach out to other pros.
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