Thoughts about node.js?

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Hi Everybody,
Anyone have any thoughts about node.js? I recently asked about Nagios, now I wonder about learning a new language in 2017. Seems like node.js requires javascript. Just wondering if it is worth the effort.



  • EagerDinosaurEagerDinosaur Member Posts: 114
    I've only dabbled with it while studying for Microsoft exam 70-480, but I think it's worthwhile having at least a little hands-on experience with it if your job involves building complex websites or webservices. It looks like a good way to quickly prototype and deploy small bits of technically tricky web functionality. I occasionally use it for quick proof-of-concept jobs at work. I don't know how maintainable it would be if used to build a large system. Javascript is popping up all over the place, both client-side and server-side, so Javascript knowledge is also good to have.
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    If you are putting serious study into it then I say yes go for it. We've used it on a number of projects at work and I really like it.
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