How do I know CEH exam version v8 or v9 ?

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I just passed my CEH exam.

When I registered for the exam, while taking it and after getting the result there was no mention of the exam version

How do I know whether v8 or v9?


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    I believe that officially the exams are now versionless. However the official courseware is versioned, and is currently v9. So you could just call the current certification v9 (as nearly everyone is doing that). It definitly isn't v8, though, since that was the last exam with a version number which was superseded by the new ANSI (ISO) 17024 compliant versionless (but de facto v9) certification.
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    I'll go though CEH exam next week would you plz give me ur notes about the categories of this exam
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    The new exam is V9.0 I took the exam a week or so ago.

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