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After just completing the ISC2 CCSP (cloud security) and already having a CISSP, ISSEP, C|EH among others, I am looking into the CRISC as my next cert in 2017. There are a few "bootcamps" I am looking at that start around June. It does seem like I have the required experience having done risk assessments and security control assessments in previous contracts. I have been a defense contractor for the past several years and am currently an ISSE/ISSO. I am wondering a few things...

- How do most people get the CPE requirements? Is it worth it to pay for an ISACA membership in order to get what they offer? It seems like the CPE requirements will be harder to get than it is for ISC2 since the CRISC is only focused on risk/security controls, whereas almost anything in security can find a CPE domain for CISSP. 120 CPEs is a lot for a narrow range of topics.

- Any recommendations on the online bootcamps? Looking at trainingcamp.com, secureninja, and infosecinstitute. I have already seen one negative opinion of infosecinstitute online class.
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    I personally have experience with training camp, went through their CISSP boot camp, well worth the money. We use infosec institute at work, and i have multiple co-workers who are quite happy with them... we had 4-5 analysts who just completed sans 504 through them and they all passed their GCIH exams.

    Between online courses, webinars, conferences etc, there are plenty CPE opportunities for CRISC ( I have 17 already going into my 1st cycle) as far as ISACA membership, I am working on my degree through WGU, so at $25 the student membership was a great deal and dropped my renewal fee for the CRISC from 85 to 45 :)
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