Itpro tv and it's lab.

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Hi all, I need your help and advice, I want to start preparing for ccent 100-105, I have itpro tv package but a bit confused where to start. Do I finish all the videos before start practicing the lab or should it be in chapters. Has anyone used itpro tv? Any advice will be appreciated. Note, I'll also be using lammle's text as well.
Thanks all.


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    Disclaimer: I've never used itpro or Lammle's text.

    Everyone is going to have their own techniques for studying, based on self-discovery of the best way they learn. Personally, if I have all the time in the world, I will go through ALL the material first, then use them as supporting materials when I go through the labs. In working through the labs for a particular objective, I will go through the exam's blueprint and try out all possible configurations and break them.

    If I am under the clock to pass a certification due to retirement dates or work requirements, I will go through a chapter or video module, then lab as much as I can. However, this requires very specific planning to ensure I cover everything I can in the time I allot for myself to pass the exam. YMMV

    Best of luck!
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    Ok thanks so much appreciate it
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    I watched IT Pro series about XenServer on my Amazon Prime Video and it was quite OK. Never seen their Cisco material. I'm using INE and Wendell Odom's books.

    Personally I would say start with the lab practices ASAP. Quickly memorize material about OSI, structure of Ethernet frames,basic IP protocols, and other basiscs. Then jump into configuration. Challenge yourself by doing own exercises. Find yourself "study buddy" and ask him to mess with your config, then try to find issue, and restore service. This type of troubleshooting accelerates my studies.

    Not sure if you need to get a hardware lab for CCENT/CCNA as you can test most things using GNS3. If you have some old server you can download CSR1000V from Cisco for FREE and run it on XenServer, VMware or whatever else is there.

    Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck with your studies.

    Kind Regards
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    Cool thanks for the advice, I'll look into that. Thanks
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    I'm an ITPro.TV subscriber! I've finished their video series and I'm working on the labs now. I chose to do it this way as I watched 1-2 hrs a day and got through the whole course in about 2 weeks. I've also been working from Cisco's Netsim while I was watching the videos.

    The labs are somewhat self contained, they do handhold you through the content but the level of coverage varies. If you're totally new to networking I'd recommend doing the labs after you finish watching the series or as you do the relevant chapter in your textbook of choice. If you're fairly familiar with networking and this is just a refresher I'd dive straight in. Also I wouldn't feel obliged to follow their numbers scheme as it doesn't align with any of the order of the books. I've been cherry picking labs that align with textbook chapters I've read.
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    Ok, I perfectly understand. I'm new to networking, so I'll finish watching the videos first then go for the labs as suggested. Thanks again.
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