What skills are needed for job in cyber security?

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I have been sticking my toe in the water looking for opportunities in the security realm and honestly, I am left wondering where I stand. I have a lot of experience that doesn't specifically match the job postings out there(at least not yet).

One thing that seems to bite me a little is the question about what am I currently doing. According to my title, I am a Senior UNIX Administrator. However, I do a lot of other things that are outside of that title. I manage our VMware farm, I setup and maintain the graylog stack(configure rules, regexes, grok, dashboards, inputs, elasticsearch, etc.), manage our IDS (BRO, Suricata), I'm engaged in DR and BCA planning, write scripts, manage saltstack, etc. I used to work with AD, and group policy a lot more too so I have good Windows experience as well. None of that is directly related to security on the surface except the IDS stuff.

There are things I do as part of my normal duties that enhanced our organizations security but how do I carve those things out and make them sound exciting or special. After all, most of that stuff is what should be getting done from the beginning anyway.

I found this, which I think has a lot of good information to help. https://www.quora.com/What-skills-are-needed-for-job-in-cyber-security

Ultimately, I think my question is, how to jam all that stuff into a resume and still keep it on one page? What do you leave off and what do you keep? My resume is a one pager now but feels like I am leaving so much stuff off that It will be passed over or dismissed immediately because "I don't have the qualifying skillsets."

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    Just gotta cut out the fat that the position your applying to doesn't care about. As long your hitting on the things in the specific job ad the other things aren't super important. The purpose of the resume is give them an idea of how you qualify for the job your applying for, not give them an in depth detail of every aspect you do. The interview is where you will be given the opportunity to explain on your little nuances that you do each day.
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