Dell products suitable for CCNA and beyond.

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As a contractor for Dell and I have access to any certifications available for me to take. I have been thinking of going for my CCNA (again) and would like to know, which Dell networking product would be beneficial for me to learn and be certified? I have come across PowerEdge but I think that's for server.


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    I am not sure that any of Dell certs will be applicable for CCNA. I do know that Dell SonicWall firewalls are popular among small colocation customers at my company. If Dell offers certifications for their switches and routers, those may be the most beneficial when the time comes for a CCNA.
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    I'm not sure what Dell has to offer networking certification wise but I can tell you that their SonicWALLs certs are not very technical and not comparable to the CCNA in terms of networking.

    Not sure why would be wanting to practice on Dell gear for a Cisco cert anyways. You would benefit more from Packet Tracer for the CCNA than Dell gear.
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