Do you need to know OSI model for the A+ exam?

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Hi guys,

I am going to take the A+ 901 exam probably in the next week, but I would like to know if I need to know the OSI model. I know this was asked on the sub before, but not in a while.

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    From what I remember.....No
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    CompTIA's exam objectives state 16% of the exam covers "Industry Standards, Practices and Network Theory". It then later says it expects you to analyze a scenario and determine the corresponding layer in the OSI model.

    It looks like you may have one or two questions but not much. I've been studying for about a month now for it and all training materials I've been using covers it. I'd reccomend checking out the exam objectives at:
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    Most certification companies publish the topics of each exam. You can find the ones for CompTIA at
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    If it is listed on the objectives, then you should understand the item. More likely geared toward NET+ candidates, but why not learn the OSI model as it is something a professional needs to know. And yes, it has been asked before and the answer is likely the same ;)
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    My friend got asked about the OSI model during a job interview.
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