I failed the network plus

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I failed the network + unfortunately. Scoring 683 passmark 720.

On the day i had a really bad flu and could not reschedule as it was already too late.

I panicked when the subnet qustions came up and i got them wrong. Some question came giving an up an ip address and then a number of hosts required for each of the subnets.

There was some drop down box where i can had to select /24 /8 etc etc

Was angry at myself as i forgot the subnetting stuff that i had learned.

Anyway back to the grinder icon_cry.gif


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    Sorry to hear that! The good news is, you weren't far off the pass mark, so don't beat yourself up too badly. I failed my ITIL exam by a single mark, which equated to a single question. I spent the next 3-4 weeks beating myself up because I couldn't believe i'd failed it. Give yourself a quick break e.g 1 day and jump right back into the material. Remember the kinds of questions you got wrong e.g subnetting and make sure it's 100% clear in your mind. I've even gone as far as asking a friend/colleague to listen to me explain a certain thing and help them to understand it. Sure, that's not always going to be possible, but if it is, do it (not with every question though!). I'm sure you'll get it next time. Good luck :)
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    Thanks si20 for your inspiring comments.
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    Search youtube for Asher College then click 'videos'. If I recall they've got a series of lectures on subnetting.

    What materials did you use to prepare for the exam?
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    I was taking a practice exam the other day and they asked me some strange question about remainders. I was like WTH. I thought I knew the subnetting really well. Bombed that one too. At least it was just a practice. Don't laugh at my answers. I get it now.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. Good luck for next time!
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    Don't feel bad mate, just brush up and do it again, u're flurry close so don't leave it too long. I did it 3 times before getting it. If u really want it, go for it... If u where in my position would u have given up? So take some time off and get back into it. I'm currently doing my ccna at the moment, fingers crossed, hope I wouldn't do it 3 times. ���� . Just be focused my friend.
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    Thanks all for your support. I am brushing up on subnetting right now. Its funny i thought i knew it but then one scary question comes up and it dents your armour icon_sad.gif .
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I know it can be disheartening, but it makes the pass that much better. If you need help with subnetting I can recommend you check out LiveLessons' ICND1 coverage of the topic with https://youtu.be/ZAtwjDeyYFI Kevin Wallace or CBT Nuggets' ICND1 coverage with https://youtu.be/UCoVs1Ri1IA Keith Barker. Another good discussion is with https://youtu.be/EkNq4TrHP_U Eli The Computer Guy. If you have specific questions, let the good people here know. Everybody needs a little help now and then. So you know I relate: I passed my ITIL by 1 question but was able to break all the information down for my CEO in an interview pretty darn flawlessly. I also missed my first attempt at ICND1 by 9 points (about 1 question). Moral of the story, I test poorly. LoL
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