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I noticed there is a linux certification section, why not a Apple certification? I live around the Washington D.C Metro Area, and I know for fact that the government uses Apple's because they are more secure and what not, my uncle himself is a Apple Sys Admin for DoD contractor in Pentagon.

Different certifications include:

Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS)
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)
Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA)

And for Hardware:

Apple Certified Desktop Technician (ACDT)
Apple Certified Portable Technician (ACPT)

Anyways, my point is there is still Apple's in the world, especially government world, so why not get certified with Apple? You only better your chances. So a suggestion would be to start a Apple Certification to Webmaster, IMHO. Thanks.


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    If you find the other two people that need the forum, you've got it. :)
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    win2k4 wrote:
    I live around the Washington D.C Metro Area, and I know for fact that the government uses Apple's because they are more secure and what not, .

    Always be careful with assumptions like this. I bet you didn't know that the government also uses customized versions of Windows also. Even within the DoD, I know this for a fact. icon_wink.gif The most secure parts of DoD use insanely customized and complex flavors of Unix and Linux. Also, the biggest portion of the insanely secure U.S. Defense Messaging System (known in those circles as DMS) use guess what........drum roll.................Microsoft Exchange with some Lotus hanging on the edges.

    Check it out here.

    Make sure you also read the part about the new Linux super computers and the $120 Billion Linux driven Combat System.

    We do contract work for the DoD also, which is one reason I subscribe to this publication. Now let me stop before I tell something that'll cause me to have to give up an arm.. icon_lol.gif

    Just remember, no OS is truely "secure". It's this mis-understanding that leads to Mac users being lax about security and often times makes them the most vulnerable. If you hang out on some of the security forums, you'll see OS X exploits being posted all the time. And as you can imagine, an organization as big as the U.S government uses to some extent probably every OS there is. So it's not surprising at all they use Mac's too.
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    I would be interested in reading posts from Apple IT persons. I have managed Apple user groups in the past. It's been a long time, so I don't know if I have much to offer in the way of information.

    I am in the DC area, but I had no idea that the gov was using Apple's..
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    Look, apple has now made it easier for anybody to dual boot on a mac windows and mac os, thus in my opinion it would be a smart move to start studying the mac os and getting certified now, get ahead of the market, to back up your windows certs, because i know in the future businesses will be running more macs, and they'll want somebody with certification for both OS's. If this doesnt open your eyes, then i dont know what, Since i have a Mac and a PC.
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    I may have my work get me a mac laptop next time around, have the desktop pc and the laptop mac. Most of our IT folks have macs. I do love IChat, it is lightyears ahead of anything else. I mean, look at this demo, it is sweeeeeet

    only thing is everyone has to have a mac icon_cry.gif
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