Incident Handling/SOC based Certification

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Hello everyone,

I am currently working in a SOC based profile and we were considering getting an Incident Handling/SOC based Certification done. I know there is a SANS based GCIH cert and CERT-Certified Computer Security Incident Handler (CSIH) however are there any different certs besides the one listed? GCIH and CSIH is crossing our company's budget, few of our trainees would be going for CEH while other CEH certified colleagues would be going for advanced certs which would help in furthering our company goals.


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    Well at some point you can add Comptia CSA+ to that list. It covers many of the topics for IR and work done in a SOC.

    These at one point were the domains for it. However with it being Beta this may change some

    1.0 Threat Management (27%) 2.0 Vulnerability Management (26%) 3.0 Cyber Incident Response (23%) 4.0 Security Architecture and Tool Sets (24%)
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    Maybe the CCNA CyberOps?
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    I think these are great suggestions, and also certs I am working towards obtaining. Another one I've looked at is the CSX. It appears to be as competency testing as the OSCP is for offensive security. Granted the track is lowest of the wrungs on that ladder, it looks promising. I want to find a good balance between blue/red team expertise before focusing too much on management, though the SSCP/CASP/CISSP will have to be on my trophy wall soon as well.
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    Look at eLearnSecurity, they have good affordable lab-based certs

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