Passed 98-375

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Passed 98-375 today. Similar negative experience with other MTA exams I have taken. Material is a little too random and not focused on what entry level skills should be. Instead a mixed bag of randomness which seems to have no logic behind it.

Over all bad experience. I think the test designers and material prep people are completely out of touch with each other.

Prep Material -
1) Completed official MVA videos (avoid these, there are two series, both not much related to the exam)
2) Completed a course from on HTML5 ( a good primer)
3) Completed official course from Microsoft 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (great class)
4) Completed official book courseware

1) 6+ years in eCom support for a major ecom player
2) Managed and developed sites for small companies since I was a kid

Next up for me to recertify on CCNA. I let my CCNP/CCNA lapse and I could use the refresher on networking. Looking at this new CCNA Cyber Sec and CCNA Sec which could be fun


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    With the server fundamentals that i'm currently running through, they briefly mention that all MTA's are designed to get you to understand some concepts, learn some new technologies/applications and for you to go off and play with them/research. I'm not sure how well they get the point across in the 98-375 but I definitely think they need to stress that even more in the MTA courses.
    Future certs: CEH v10 (maybe)
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    anyone knows when can i get exams tests ?
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    Yup. I got you covered. Check the following link.
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    I hate to bumps this,but can you recommend any free study material? for the 98-375? I've been using the MVA,but you said to skip it
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