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My job paid for me to go take the GMON in April in Baltimore. I am excited to do my first SANS course. Anyone who has taken it care to share their experience? Also any resources that are good to look into as a supplement. I am trying to finish my eCCPT before I go so any extra material never hurts on any front.
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    That class will go a little longer than most, so be prepared to take that time to learn as much as you can. Make sure you go through all of the books carefully, as things will pop up in weird places that most will easily miss. Like any SANS course, you'll have a lot of info force fed to you in a week. Take your time to absorb the material, and if your taking the exam, give yourself a good few months to go back over all of the material. It's definitely nothing like what you did when you studied for the CISSP exam.
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    Is Bryan Simon teaching your class? I had him for mine and he was absolutely amazing. If you do have him, tell him "<fill in the blank> got what plants crave". As for the course, everything you need will be covered, but if you want to win the challenge I suggest being really comfortable with the linux command line. I don't know if it still holds true, but when I took it in Philly only a team in Germany had gotten a perfect score on the CTF at the end (511). At the time we had the second highest score in the world (510) and it was due to a penalty for answering a question incorrectly twice (it was my fault because I didn't write out my command properly and it cost us one try). We did bring it up and received the challenge coin because at the time they weren't minted. Good luck, it was a lot of material, but the course was amazing and it combined a lot of the other classes for a great overview.
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    Ismael Valenzuela is teaching the class in Baltimore this April in Baltimore. I'm scheduled for this call also!
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    Wow! This is awesome-- multiple people from the boards taking SEC511. I'll also be in Baltimore taking this course. I'm also hoping my night talk gets approved, if so, I think I'll have my talk on Tuesday night!
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