Linux+ Voucher for Sale- Part 1 and 2

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Linux+ Voucher for Sale- Part 1 and 2

The vouchers will expire May of this year (2017).


Price $140


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    Where is PM option here..?
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    Welcome to TE.

    Private messaging is not enabled by default for new members.

    Stealing this from another thread.

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    For new members to be able to send or receive PMs, please follow the instructions in the welcome email you received when you registered at Alternatively, you can enable the option "Receive Email from Other Members" in your user profile allowing active members to contact you for the referral.


    Active members (the referrer) can then contact you by emailing them via TE:

    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Thank's a lot. I've emailed them =)

    The exam should be taken at the same country which a voucher has been issued for. Am I right?
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    How do I get the voucher?
    Where do I schedule the test? Can you send website link and location?
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