Sans 440 vs SANS 566

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Hi Team;
I am planing to enroll myself in one or both of above courses and ned your suggestion on diferences, both cover sans top 20 control but if i a attend 566 which is more detailed, do i still get any benfit in registering 440....or to put it in other word, is 440 is something like pre-req for 566


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    Take 566. 440 is 2 days and must be extraordinarily high level. I haven't taken either, but I do implement the Top 20 at my work and it's my guess that 2 days of reviewing the Top 20 in class is about the same as a good, thorough read of the 100-page official Top 20 plus the related documents (executive summary, etc). In other words, don't spend your money for 440
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    Thanks for the tips....really helpful
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    I've taken many SANS courses and I'd have to say that 566 & the GCCC exam was by far my favorite class. It covers both high level risk assessment, and details on how to implement the controls.
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    I just finished SEC 566 (work study) yesterday with James Tarala and it was fantastic. I don't think the 2 day version would be as good as it won't have labs and we did go deep into the weeds on a couple of the controls. Highly recommended, now I have to study for the exam.
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