CSSLP : Where do I start ?

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Lets say I have a basic data-oriented application programming skills (ex : create CRUD with .net or php and SQL) : I'm a developper. How hard is the learning steep for someone who wants to study and take the CSSLP ?
As far as security concerned, I read cover to cover comptia sec+ texbook but never took the exam. So I knowt a little about on concepts like CIA, encryption, hash, disater recover (hot site, cold site...), HVAC, UAC, firewalle rules, OS hardening etc....
Where should I start to learn CSSLP ? How hard could be the learning steep for my profile ? Did you take the CSSLP ? Is it worht it (for instance in your daily job) or is it just a managerial cert. Would you recommend it to an entry level graduate student ?


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    It is a managerial exam and is appropriate in organisations where there is formal software development. I did took CSSLP and posted a short review; you can find other reviews on this forum. Take note you do not achieve CSSLP certification after passing the exam, you need to demonstrate 4 years of professional experience. Reading sources include the AIO and CBK. I do find the CBK useful as a reference for developers who wants to understand secure software development concepts.
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