My Upcoming Challenge !OSCP!

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Hello everyone, tomorrow I’ll receive my link at 7PM to start my OSCP training. I want to use this thread to communicate with all of you throughout this challenge and any other future challenges. A little background information about myself: I recently graduated with my Bachelors of Science in IT with concentrations in Network, System, & Database Admin. Received my CEH last year and been working in the field of CyberSecurity for a year. I really got into programming 6 years ago, which led to mobile development, and then security. I been learning security on my own for the pass 3 years using all sorts of online resources and books.

With all that I start…

This week I been preparing by going over some items to brush up such as python, linux commands, security concepts, reading and following along The Hacker Playbook 2, and Black Hat Python. So mentioned I do work full time with some travel but I’m going to get this done & PASSED!! I purchased the 60 day option so my schedule is already set for this, meaning no distractions just live OSCP for the next 60 Days.
My plan which is set in stone is the following: (With minor 25 min breaks)
- 5 hours Tomorrow (Starting at 7PM when I get the link)
- 4 hours a day M-Th
- 6 hours every F
- 14 hours every Sat
- 12 hours every Sun
**I know thats too specific but thats how I function and having this kind of structure has helped me for years**

First I’m going to go through:
- The whole PDF for 1 week (1/7/17 - 1/14/17)
- The videos for 1 week and a day :p (1/7/17 - 1/15/17)
- The exercises all completed & any other uncompleted item by (1/21/17)
- (Have to finish everything above first then the labs. My goal is to complete all 50 machines before I take the exam.

If any has experiences or want to chat reply to this thread I’m always connected.

Wish me luck. :)


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    I would strongly suggest doing the videos and pdf together at the same time as they both aren't exactly the same. The videos sometimes show things a bit differently than the pdf and could possibly help you solve a problem that you're having with the pdf. Good luck on the course!
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    It's an honor for your response. I been following your posts. :) Thank you. I'll keep updating here.
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    #2 1/10/17:

    It’s been almost exactly three days since I got the email to start the OSCP training. I received the email at 7:04PM and got started with logging into the VPN and doing the other requirements to officially start learning. The first night I spent 6 hours and during that time I read and follow along in my Kali machine till page 50. Also, I watched the videos and followed along that corresponded to the pages I read (videos from 1-10). I basically did this so once I read the section/chapter, the video explains it as I learn more visually and for extra practice. There are things in the pdf that are not in the videos and vice-versa. It may seem I did little during those 6 hours but I used that time to also read all documents and researching the topics/tools to get more information to add to my notes.
    For the next day (Sunday) I woke up at 5:30AM and started at 6AM to use that extra time. I read from pages (50-95) which was a fun session because I got to play with the many tools. Also, I completed videos from 11-23. I followed along in both the reading and videos, which also I used that time to read the manual pages of the tools and look back at certain flags I didn’t know what they meant.
    On Monday, I read and follow along pages 96-119 and watching the videos and following along from 24-36. As mentioned I work full time so I get the feel of managing my time with work and this training.

    It’s incredible the many ways you can do something such as using Bash, Python, Perl, etc.

    I’ll keep updating this thread and if anyone has any questions and comments feel free. :)

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    Hey congrats on your new adventure! I hope you come out successful.

    I have a question though, based on your statements your plan is to take the test only after two weeks of study? from 01/7-21?
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    Hey @chrisone,

    After these two weeks when I finish the pdf, videos, and exercises I'll start on the labs for the remaining 6 weeks. I won't take the exam until I complete all the labs.
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    Excellent! I wish you the best of luck, I understand its far harder than just reading the pdfs and videos. Its required you do additional research to fill in the many gaps they left out on purpose. I will be looking forward to hearing your progress. I think by April/May I will be starting OSCP.
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    2023 Cert Goals: SC-100, eCPTX
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