Passed 901!- my advice.

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Hi guys, I passed 220-901 this morning :D

It felt real good, I crammed a lot in the final couple days leading up to this. In terms of advice, I will say the following- the easiest way to start studying is to work from your current base of knowledge.

For a lot of people, that will be smart phones. Almost everybody has one, and its super easy to learn more about them.

For others, printers might be your base. So long as you start from somewhere you're comfortable, you will be making your life a lot easier. Trust me.

Let's talk about study materials- I watched Professor Messer's A+ 220-901 video series. A lot of people on these forums love Messer, and for good reason- he breaks information up really well and into short videos, and makes relatively complex concepts much easier to understand. And the best part? It's free! They are all on YouTube.

What you do next depends on what kind of learner you are- If you consider yourself more of a book learner, then there are some books on Amazon (Such as David Prowse's Exam Cram series) that are pretty cheap (about $30 as of January 2017). It comes with a 10% discount code for exams, so it effectively pays for itself. Keep in mind that you can also buy the kindle version of the book, which will save you about $10 and allow you to view the pages on a kindle or on your computer.

However, if you are more of a hands on learner (like me) and you retain information best with thorough simulations, then I would recommend the uCertify 901+902 series.

What an awesome studying resource! I used them previously to get my Project+, after getting frustrated with my lack of progress with a book. In my opinion, the tools uCertify offers (The practice tests! The test engine!!) make it so much easier to study that I can say with certainty that I would not have passed without it, and, unlike with YouTube videos, the information actually sticks in your head- provided you make sure to take notes.

It is very expensive, getting the 901 and 902 package cost me almost $400! However, I split the cost with a friend who will be getting the certification later. If you can get creative about paying that off, or if you buy it during a sale (it seems like they put all their exams on a 35% off sale during the holidays), then I can vouch that this is an amazingly quick and effective way to learn and study for the test.

Anyways, on to 902! Wish me luck!
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