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Hi all,

I recently failed the ITIL lifecycle certificate in service design course. I'm pretty surprised and embarrassed, but would like some advice on retaking the exam.

I attended the classroom learning which often helped with previous ITIL exams but really don't know what went wrong here. I passed two mock papers prior to the exam, so I'm struggling to think of how to improve for the next time.

Does anyone have any mock papers I could use? Really appriacete any help



  • Liz GallacherLiz Gallacher Posts: 107Member
    These are challenging exams, and many people have to sit them more than once, so do not be embarrassed. Were close to the pass mark? I presume that in your classroom course you discussed using the practice exams to spot the distractor answer, and those worth 1 and 3 marks, then reading the rationales. This is a very useful approach; you may spot the best answer straight away, but understanding how they differentiate between the different answers is very helpful. In the exam, of course, you only need to choose the best answer, but knowing that you have identified and discounted the 0 and the 1 mark answers is reassuring, and stops you choosing one or more of those answers. Unfortunately there are no more mock exams available (despite training companies asking repeatedly for this from the accreditor Axelos). What you can do is to download the Capability papers and do the questions that overlap with your Lifecycle syllabus (PPO covers many design processes, RCV many transition processes etc. ) The emphasis of the Capablty syllabuses is more operational than the management emphasis of the Lifecycle syllabuses, but it is still useful. Good luck!
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    I agree with Liz Gallacher. you don't feel embarrassed try again, Good Luck!
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