Right way to go?

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Hello everyone. Thanks for reading in advance.
One question, if anyone is willing to answer: how do you know this is YOUR work to be at? I mean, I didnt hate my CCNA classes, and understod most of them with some labs, but I hated (and still hate) the theory part. I can't fous on most of it, to be honest.
I kept going the CCNA route because it wasn't too hard for me. Got a job at a NOC, had to leave for personal reasons; got another job as a Network Analyst... which is somthing like a help desk with the client's WAN conectivity, having some national and international clients in my 2 year experience.
I learn new stuff mostly in my job, and even though I dont think it's a bad job, I don't know if I should keep it just because it's convenient for me
... I have mostly done troubleshooting with Cisco (layer 3), Alcatel and Huawei (layer 2) technology. BGP protocol mostly.
If it's not too much to ask, please give me your 100% honest answer. I appreciate your advice.
Thanks :)
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