Setting up the CP CBTNuggets Lab

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Hey I am trying to setup the checkpoint lab as done in the CBTnuggets series by keith, but i am using VirtualBox instead of VMware. (i'll add the diagram once i reach home from work).

The diagram:


How do I figure out the "VMnets" as keith uses them to connect to the VM installations from his own windows PC?

I assign the 10 series IP to the checkpoint installation but then the VB network adapter retains its 192 range IP address, I'm not very familiar with how virtual adapters work and how to do the routing.

I then added the CP VM to GNS3 and used the cloud to add the VB adapter and gave it an addition IP in the 10 range which then worked, but how do I talk to my VB CP installations without using GNS?

Really appreciate any help! Thanks for the notes!


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    I'm also buidling the network using Keith's class network diagram. Initially I encountered problems with the VMs not able to use web UI but I managed to solve the issue. Now I'm continuing to build the rest of the network as shown in Keith's video.

    OP, for your case, I think you just need to add more network adapter in the VB and assign them to host-only for one network segment, and other network labels for the other 2 network segments.
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    If you have Amazon prime - Building Virtual Machine Labs is a free download. It will explain how to set up a very similar configuration using pfSense which you should be able to modify for your purposes.
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    I've just been doing the same thing. Don't believe he does access the VMs from his own machine? He setups another VM (XP) that he uses as host. This is the 'SmartConsolePC' on When I followed along I did the same all from within VB, firewall, manager and a Win7 machine. You can set the individual network adapter settings on each VM. As long as each adapter you want is connected to the right internal network they will be able to communicate.
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