Boson NetSim feedback (ICND2)

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Hello Everyone,

I am going to start back up with studying for ICND2 (took a longer break than anticipated). I have some books and a udemy course that I purchased (all updated to the 200-105 version), however i know a lot of people on here stress about the importance of labbing.

I know packet tracer is out there which i have but, my problem is coming up with labs and doing break/fix type scenarios. my main questions are: is netsim going to help me with learning more CLI and trouble shooting? are there any premade packet tracer labs out there that you would recommend?

Thank you!


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    Books and videos normally have a lot of examples which you can use to make your own labs. I've not used Netsim but I've found simulators give you a more guided step by step approach but there's always a few inaccuracies or commands missing. From what I've read online there are people who have passed using only sims so it is enough if thats what you prefer. Ideally you would want some expierence with the full IOS as well.
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    I'm working on the ccent again, I barely missed back in August (3points) but I used the Todd Lammle books and went through the examples with Packet Tracer. This helped me to learn a lot, when you go through and set up 3 switches/routers the same way you start to remember things. I think a lot of the troubleshooting just comes from remembering the correct show commands and knowing what to look for. Which at least with the Lammle books he did a solid job with teaching and giving real world examples.

    I also used cbt nuggets and Jeremy Ciora does a good job with giving real examples of situations. He can get a little off topic but he adds some humor so it's not a lecture type learning process.
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    Cool, thanks guys, i'll stick w/ packet tracer for now and see how it goes, best of luck.
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    Good luck! I've not got round to taking the exam but PT and books/video's should be enough- I've certainly learnt a lot anyway.

    If you get Netsim let us know if it is any good or not, I've been thinking of getting it for a while.
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