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Hello everyone

I am new in the forums, and have seen lots of good information and encouragement to the new members who want to pursue a career in IT.
First of all, I have 2 years experience as a Network Analyst, currently CCNA. Mainly taking care of the WAN connectivity of various clients, copper and optic fibre mainly. The equipment I can analyze is Cisco (OSI lvl3) and Alcatel or Huawei (OSI lvl2).
I am currently trying to get out of this position, and pursue something else to improve my current situation. My problem is I don't know where should I go in my current company, since most of the other positions involve the same procedure.
I would like to try to go to a designing position, since having a defined working hour is important for me. While looking into the material needed to pass the CCDA, I have found lots of opinions pointing out that the CCNP knowledge would also be beneficial in the long run.
Also, security is vital in designing a network, so I might also study for the CCNA Security certification soon.
So, what I am asking is advice from all of you, if the route I am taking is a wise one, or if someone thinks I should branch into other areas.
Thanks everyone.


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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I'd suggest the CCNP before the CCDA. It will help more for job prospects and the info will be a lot more useful.
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    I would go to the Cisco sites/forums and inquire from others who have traveled down the road you are on now.

    Knowledge is key but without experience to back it up it will serve you not . so seek out and ask those who qualify..

    Good luck
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